Q: I am interested in being on team, how would I go about that?
A: Good question! We are always looking for talented improvisers (although no experience is necessary). At the begging of every quarter we hold auditions that are open to any UCI student. There is no preperation required, all you need to do is show up and go with the flow. Even members that have been on the team for years must reaudition every quarter so we are always trying to fill 9 spots; the three captains are the only ones that do not audition. Check the LNP Events page to find out the time and place for upcoming auditions.

Q: What type of time commitment does someone on the team going to have to give?
A: Our practices are from 5-6pm Tuesdays and Thursdays and 3-6pm Fridays. We allow very few acceptions and do not cast people on the team if they have conflicts with this rehearsal schedule.

Q: How does someone become one of the three captains?
A: Whenever a captain is graduating from school (or unable to be a part of the team) the current captains meet to decide who will take his or her place.

Q: What do the captains do exactly?
A: The captains all have different jobs that we are always trying to clarify further. Basically the three captains are split into: Advertising, Getting Spaces, and Financing. In reality we all end up doing a little bit of everything. Each captain also captains their 4-person team, runs practices, and hosts one show each quarter. As you can see, we don't have any captain in charge of this website, which is why we are very thankfull to Tom Harris for buying, designing, and running it for us, free of charge.